The Songs

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Tippecanoe and Tyler Too! (set to the tune “Little Pigs”)

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too! [A Comic Glee]. Philadelphia: G.E. Blake, 1840. 
Library of Congress, Music Division.
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*The piano accompaniment included in the original sheet music has been omitted.

Out, Out Whigs and True Democrats (set to the tune “All the Blue Bonnets”)

Words from the National Clay Minstrel
Patriotic Songs. Arranged in Three and Four Parts. New York: J. Winchester, New World Press, 1844.
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The Toast (set to the tune “Vive la Companie”)

The Freemen’s Glee Book: A Collection of Songs, Odes, Glees and Ballads with Music, Original and Selected, Harmonized and Arranged for Each. New York & Auburn: Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1856.
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Help! O Help! 

G. W. C.
Songs for the Great Campaign of 1860. Edited by G. W. Civis. New York: The Tribune Office and by A. B. Burdick, 1860.
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Wake Ye Numbers! (set to the tune “Strike the Cymbals”)

Words by Lewis
Songs for the Great Campaign of 1860. Edited by G. W. Civis. New York: The Tribune Office and by A. B. Burdick, 1860.
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Hurrah for General Grant

Words by Luke Collin; Music by J. P. Webster
The Grant Songster. For the Campaign of 1868. Root & Cady, 1868.
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Wake, Sons of Columbia 

Words and Music by Augusta Browne-Garrett 
Hayes & Wheeler Song Book. Series 1. Washington, DC: Union Republican Congressional Committee, 1876.
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The Laborer on Election Day (set to the tune “Trumpet of Reform”)

Garfield and Arthur Campaign Songster. Cincinnati, OH: John Church & Co., 1880.
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A Storm is Coming 

Words and Music by A.E. Aldrich 
Battle Songs of Prohibition. Springfield, OH: The New Era Company, 1887.
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Mary’s Lamb 

arr. W. W. McCallip, Columbus Republican Glee Club (1872-1900)
National Republican Song Book. Respectfully Dedicated to The Columbus Republican Glee Club.
Columbus, OH: W. W. McCallip, 1900.
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Modern Democracy (set to the tune “O Tannenbaum”)

Words by D.E.B. [D. E. Bryer]
McKinley Campaign Songster for 1896 By D. E. Bryer, “The Old Campaigner.” Logansport, IN: The Home Music Company, 1896.
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We Will Turn the Rascals Out

Words by Logan S. Porter; Music by W. T. Giffe 
Parker Campaign Songster, 1904, for Male Voices. Logansport, IN: The Home Music Co., 1904.
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